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About Mil Incorporated


Mil Incorporated was founded in 2003 in Europe with the ambitious vision to be a trusted software partner for individuals and enterprises around the world. Our first product - the privacy protection solution Mil Shield - was released less than a year after that. It was immediate success and is helping hundreds of thousands computer users to keep their private information... well, private.


Mil Incorporated provides software security and privacy solutions that incorporate state of the art technology, security expertise, and substantial resources. With threats to computer systems coming from all directions and growing in number and sophistication, our customers know that ordinary security measures are not enough. Mil Incorporated supplies privacy and security solutions that are solid, affordable, easy to use and provide outstanding level of protection.

Our customer support division operates 24/7 and offers exclusive levels of response speed and customer satisfaction. Mil Incorporated and our employees are committed to building technology that helps to raise the quality of life of all our customers.


After many years of constant development of new software technologies, we came to conclusion that most programs (from the very simple to the operating systems) too often are changed and redesigned just for the sake of change. There is no stable and consistent advancement in the computer user experience. We have computers that are hundred times faster than 10-15 years ago and yet too often we wait for our computers to finish a simple task that took about the same time and effort a decade ago.

Therefore, the leadership of Mil Incorporated took the bold decision to invest enormous time and effort in the design and development of entirely new software systems, which take new and revolutionary approach to satisfy the consumer computing needs.

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