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Mil Shield awards
Because of the unique features of Mil Shield 9.0 several big shareware archives rated it a maximum of 5 stars!

30 Days 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee
If for any reason you are not satisfied just send us a message and we will give you your money back. No questions asked!

User Opinions
"...at last there is a privacy protection program that allows me to keep the history and cache for my favorite sites. And the user interface is very nice too."
Bruce Greer
"I just bought Mil Shield and I think that it is a very useful program. Thanks a lot and keep doing good job."
Gary Davis
"I am not a computer savvy and I am thankful that your program works just fine even with default settings."
Matthew Sandiford
"I am very pleased and impressed with your technical support. They are great!"
Natalie Tonesca
Key Features
Deletes Temporary Internet Files (cache)
Deletes history, cookies and Flash cookies
Cleans AutoComplete forms and passwords
Cleans Index.dat files and search history
Cleans the tracks of hundreds programs
Shreds the deleted data (secure erasing)
Speeds up your computer and frees disk space
Cleans the registry from unused and old data
Features and Requirements
Cleans all other kinds of online or offline tracks
Boss key combination and automatic cleaning
Selective cleaning with list of trusted sites
Advanced cleanup scheduling
Supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP
Supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Avant, Chromium, Chrome Canary, ChromePlus, SRWare Iron and Comodo Dragon

Your computer remembers the movies, images and documents you have opened and the web sites you have visited. As the Internet becomes more and more involved in the everyday life, our private information (e-mail and forum passwords, bank and credit card information, personal photos and videos) needs solid software protection.

4.34 MB - 5 sec with broadband
Time unlimited usage.
Online support for two years.
Free upgrades for one year.

Protect your privacy Speed up your PC

Mil Shield deletes all tracks from your computer activities and allows you to browse the Internet, work or entertain without fear and concerns. Mil Shield also cleans all unnecessary files and registry keys, which leads to faster PC and frees valuable disk space.

Plenty of features

Mil Shield cleans the tracks of all popular Web browsers, Windows tracks and the tracks of hundreds of other applications. The program has automatic cleaning features, which allows you to use it in install and forget mode. It also has boss key (also known as panic key).

Selective cleaning (trusted sites)

The program supports selective cleaning of Internet browsing tracks (including cookies, history, Temporary Internet Files and index.dat files), which allows you to have both privacy protection and convenient browsing of the trusted web sites.

Frequent free upgrades and helpful support

You can use the program for unlimited time without additional purchase. During the one year free upgrade period, you will get regular free upgrades with many new features. You will also have two years of full e-mail support.

Windows 10 ready

Mil Shield supports all the latest software: Windows 10 (both 32-bit and 64-bit), Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 43, and Chrome 47. We are adding support for each new version as soon as it becomes available. The program also works on much older PCs, Windows versions and browsers.

Why do I need protection? Frequently asked questions

Growing privacy threats

More than 12 million American citizens are affected by identity fraud or other online privacy related crimes each year (according to Federal Trade Commission). Attacks are performed by keyloggers, trojans, phishing, pharming, redirectors and many other methods. The total economic costs are in the range of 57 bln. dollars with average damage per victim around 4,500 dollars.

The protection usually includes antivirus programs, anti-spyware software, firewalls and many others. The common problem with all these solutions is that they are good only when dealing with already known threats (and that is only if they are updated very often). Your computer keeps extensive information about which websites you have visited, and what documents, pictures or video files you have opened. This means that virtually anyone that can acquire even low-security level access to your computer, can steal a lot of private information.

Cleaning up the history of your activities completely and safely is impossible without specialized program because most of the tracks are not visible by any standard means and can not be removed manually. This process must be performed every time you use your computer. Mil Shield automates this process while giving you the opportunity to choose the types of tracks that you want to clean. Mil Shield can also run invisibly in the background and is able to clean the tracks whenever you want.

The program also helps to optimize Windows and the installed applications. It is well known fact that most Windows installations tend to run slower as time passes. One of the main reasons for such slowdowns are the temporary files, logs and registry keys, which are mostly useless but take valuable space and contribute to the fragmentation of your hard disk.

Mil Shield cleans the old and unused files, folders and registry keys of Windows. The program also checks for and deletes the old files and keys of hundreds other applications and makes it possible to have your computer running faster and to avoid periodic Windows reinstallations due to system slowdown and instability.

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Overview of Mil Shield 9.0 features

NEW! Full support for Windows 10. Mil Shield works on the latest Microsoft operating system. The program also supports Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP, and works on both 32-bit and 64-bit variants of Windows. All the latest versions of the browsers are fully supported too (including Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 43 and Chrome 47). Full details 

Screenshot of Mil Shield 9.0 cleaning settings

Browser tracks. Mil Shield deletes the tracks of all popular browsers: Internet Explorer (including all index.dat files), Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari for Windows and Avant. For each of them, all privacy-related tracks are cleaned: cache (Temporary Internet Files), cookies, history, search history, downloads history, AutoComplete (forms) data, passwords, Flash cookies and home page. Learn more 

Windows tracks. Mil Shield cleans all kinds of Windows tracks: recent documents history, most recently used (MRU) folders of the Windows shell, list of most recently opened files and folders in File Open and File Save dialog windows, and many more 

Application tracks. Mil Shield cleans the tracks of hundreds programs. The list includes many kinds of media players, office applications, download managers and many others 

Selective cleaning. Many of privacy threats come from features that are good and convenient: Internet cache speeds up the browsing, cookies protect you from entering your user information over and over again, etc. Mil Shield selectively preserves temporary Internet files, history and/or cookies for chosen by you safe Internet sites. Learn more 

Automatic cleaning. You can schedule background cleaning at each startup or shutdown, or when the browser windows are closed. While running in background Mil Shield is completely invisible.

NEW! Custom cleaning. Mil Shield allows you to add your own tracks to delete each time when the program cleans your computer. The custom cleaning can delete selected by you files, folders, registry keys and values. You can specify multiple files or values at once, using wildcards or even regular expressions.

File shredding with multiple methods. Mil Shield is capable to shred (bleach) the files before deleting them in order to make the tracks unrecoverable. This is done by user selectable method with the following choices: 1-pass overwrite with zeros or random data, 3-pass DoD 5220.22-M (8.306 E), 7-pass DoD 5220.22-M (8.306 E,C,E), 7-pass Bruce Schneier method and 35-pass Peter Gutmann method.

Built-in scheduler and command-line cleaning. You can schedule Mil Shield to clean at specific time intervals or once a day at specific time of day. For more advanced users Mil Shield offers additional way to automate making of silent cleanups. You can use the command-line utility ShieldAgent.exe to schedule silent cleanups at arbitrary times using Windows Task Scheduler, other scheduling program or batch script. This is very useful when automatic backups are made; when many computers need to be cleaned from user tracks (for example in computer classrooms) or when there is a need to clean the user tracks on remote computer.

Support for user accounts. On multi-user systems most of the tracks are user-specific. With Mil Shield you can choose the user accounts that will be cleaned. This feature works both with user profiles in Windows 95/98/ME and with user accounts in Windows NT/2000/XP.

Boss key combination. Every now and then there are situations where you need to clean the tracks very fast. For example it may be your boss coming in while you are losing your time browsing the Internet. For such cases there is so called stealth key combination in Mil Shield. All you need to do is to press certain keys together and all open Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Chrome windows are closed and an invisible background cleanup is started. More information 

Works even on older computers. While Mil Shield takes full benefit of the new technologies in the latest versions of Windows and Internet Explorer, it fully supports and is completely tested on the older systems like Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 and Internet Explorer 3. Learn more 

Password generator. It is well known fact that the humans are not good at generating random numbers, letters or other symbols. This is huge problem for the security of the computer systems as the passwords are only secure if they are truly random. You can use the Password generator tool of Mil Shield to generate very strong random passwords.

Shreenshot of Mil Shield 9.0 free space shredding tool

NEW! Wipe free space (shredding of free hard drive space). When you delete a file without shredding (for example directly from Windows Explorer), its content remains on the disk for a very long time. Mil Shield allows you to wipe the free disk space on your disk drives to get rid of all remains of files that contain private information. The free space on your hard drives is securely wiped using one of the five user selectable methods, including 35-pass Gutmann algorithm.

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System requirements

Minimal hardware requirements are:

  • 5 MB free hard disk space (10 MB temporarily during the installation).
  • Graphics mode: at least 800x600 pixels at HiColor (16-bit color) or TrueColor (24- or 32-bit color).

Minimal software requirements are:

  • Microsoft Windows 10, 8 or 7 (32- or 64-bit), Windows Vista (32- or 64-bit), and Windows XP (32- or 64-bit). The program also supports Windows 95, 98, 98 SE, Me, 2000 and Windows NT 4.0 (see the notes bellow).
  • Microsoft Edge (the new browser of Windows 10).
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or lower version (all the way down to IE 3).
  • Supports Google Chrome 47 or lower version.
  • Supports Mozilla Firefox 43 or lower version (all the way down to Firefox 1.x).
  • Supports Opera 21 or lower version.
  • Supports Apple Safari 5.1.7 or lower version (all the way down to Safari 3.1).
  • Supports Chromium, Chrome Canary, ChromePlus, SRWare Iron and Comodo Dragon browsers.
  • Supports Avant browser.

NOTE: If you are using Windows 2000, you will have to download Mil Shield 7.9 from here. The versions above 7.9 are not compatible with Windows 2000.
NOTE: If you are using Windows 98 or Windows ME, you will have to download Mil Shield 6.2 from here. The versions above 6.2 are not compatible with Windows 98 and Windows ME.
NOTE: If you are using Windows 95 or Windows NT 4, you will have to download Mil Shield 5.0 from here. The versions above 5.0 are not compatible with Windows 95 and Windows NT 4 because of the changes in the Microsoft development tools.

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Frequent free upgrades and online support

The program license includes the following things:

  • Registration code, which you will use to unlock the trial version of the program.
  • License to use the program for unlimited time. You can transfer the program to your new PC, if you change your PC.
  • Right to upgrade free of charge with all new releases of the program for one year after the purchase. You will be able to get the new versions of Mil Shield that are released within one year of the purchase. We are releasing new versions of the program each month or so and we are determined to incorporate support for all new technologies that will become widespread.
  • Right to get e-mail support for two years after the purchase. We will help you with any problems or questions that you may have.
  • Extended download service for 5 years after the purchase. This means that you can download your version of the program for at least 5 years after the purchase in case that you have lost the installation package.
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Browser tracks

Mil Shield cleans all tracks of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Avant, Chromium, Chrome Canary, ChromePlus, SRWare Iron and Comodo Dragon browsers. The cleaned tracks are:

  • All Index.dat files (including the new index.dat files on Internet Explorer 8 and 9: PrivacIE, TldCache and CompatCache) and SuggestedSites.dat file.
  • Temporary Internet files (a.k.a. Internet cache).
  • Cookies.
  • UserData records, DOM storage and HTML5 databases.
  • All evercookies in all supported browsers.
  • Browse history records.
  • Compact (vacuum) SQLite databases in Firefox and Chrome.
  • IE image sizes cache (MSIMGSIZ.dat files).
  • IE anti-phishing filter cache.
  • Restores IE search hooks to defaults.
  • AutoComplete forms and passwords.
  • Forms history data.
  • Download history.
  • Most recently used download folder.
  • Restores your home page (on IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome) and search page (on IE and Firefox).
  • Search history
  • Saved passwords.
  • Crash session recovery info.
  • Flash cookies (local shared objects).
  • Suports multiple browser profiles for Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Avant.
  • The following toolbars for Internet Explorer: Google Toolbar, Yahoo Toolbar, ICQ Toolbar, Bing Toolbar, Windows Live Toolbar (and the older MSN toolbar), AOL Toolbar, IE7Pro add-on (crash session recovery info) and MyWaySearch PopSwatter Toolbar.
  • The following toolbars for Firefox: Google Toolbar, Yahoo Toolbar, AOL Toolbar.
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Windows tracks

  • Recent documents history.
  • Most recently used (MRU) folders records of the Windows shell.
  • List of most recently opened files of common file dialogs.
  • Windows 7 Explorer typed paths history.
  • File and computer search history of the Windows shell
  • Start menu Run history.
  • Start menu most frequently used (MFU) programs list (the list in the left part of Windows Start menu).
  • All UserAssist usage information.
  • Recycle Bin at low level (not only through the Windows shell).
  • Windows temporary files.
  • Windows clipboard.
  • Disable the highlighting of the new programs in Start menu.
  • Windows Vista thumbnails cache.
  • Internet passwords (WinInet cache credentials).
  • Windows DNS cache.
  • Active Setup temp folders.
  • Content Indexer catalog.
  • Hibernation file.
  • Memory dump files.
  • Orphan ChkDsk file fragments.
  • Setup log files.
  • System error minidump files.
  • Windows Error Reporting archive files.
  • Windows Error Reporting queue files.
  • Regedit history.
  • Windows saved searches (.search-ms files).
  • Clear Windows page file on shutdown
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Application tracks

  • Media Players: Adobe Flash Professional, Anole Media Player, Any Video Converter, Applian Flv Player, Avant DVDDivX Player, Avi Previewer, ATP Player, BSplayer, Core Player, Corel Video Studio Pro, Cyberlink Power Director, Debug Mode Wax, DivX Player, Easy Video Converter, Elecard MPEG Player, Flash Player Pro, Flv Player, Free iPod Video Converter, Free YouTube to MP3 Converter, Free Flv Converter, GOM Player, Haihaisoft Universal Player, KMPlayer, MPlayer, Media Player Classic, Movie Magician, Need4 Video Converter, Pazera Free Flv to Avi Converter, PowerDVD, Power2Show Media Player, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Riva Flv Player, TubePlay, VLC Player, WinDVD, Winamp, Windows Media Player, Windows Movie Maker, Xilisoft video Converter, Zoom Player.
  • Image Utilities: 3D Photo Browser, Able Image Browser, ACDSee, AD Picture Viewer, Adobe ImageReady, Axialis IconWorkshop, Concept Draw, Corel Paint Shop Pro, FastStone ImageViewer, First Impression, Irfan View, Markosoft Image Viewer, Memories On Tv, Nikon View, MS Paint, MS Photo Editor, Paint.NET, Panorama Composer, Photo Manager, Photo Scape, Photo Watermark Professional, Photolightning, PhotoPhilia, Photoshop Album, Photoshop Elements, Picasa, Polyview, Retouch Pilot, Sib Image Viewer, Slide Show Pilot, Snagit, SnapTouch, SWiSH, Widdbit Viewer.
  • Download Utilities: BitComet, CuteFTP, Download Accelerator (DAP), eMule, FlashGet, Free Download Manager, Fresh Download, GetRight, LeechGet, Net Vampire, Orbit Downloader, UltraGet Video Downloader, VDownloader, Vuze, YouTube Downloader.
  • Archivers: 7-Zip, IsoBuster, IZArc, PicoZip, Power Archiver, TUGZip, WinAce, WinRAR, WinZip.
  • Office Programs: Access Snapshot Viewer, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, Cute PDF, Foxit Reader, Macromedia Homesite, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft OneNote, MS Works, OpenOffice, Outlook Express, PDF Creator, TextPad, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, WordPad.
  • Other programs: AceHTML, Alcohol 120, Google Deskbar, Google Desktop, Google Earth, ImgBurn, Microsoft Management Console, Nero Burning ROM, Offline Explorer Pro, PowerISO, Remote Desktop, Skype, SpyBot Search & Destroy, Tivo Desktop, Virtual Dub, WebZip, WebSite eXtractor, WinIso, WinWSD WebSite Downloader, XMLSpy.
Screenshot of Mil Shield 9.0 with cleaning in progress
Free Download
Here you can download the trial version of Mil Shield for free.
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Selective cleaning

Many of privacy threats come from features that are good and convenient: Internet cache speeds up the browsing, cookies spare you the process of entering your user information over and over again, history allows you to revisit a site without typing its web address, and so on.

Fortunately with Mil Shield you don't have to give up all these advantages in order to protect your privacy and speed up your computer. Mil Shield implements selective cleaning of many browsers tracks. Immediately after installation the program makes no assumptions about which are the sites that you consider safe and cleans all tracks at once. However, it allows you can define unlimited number of sites as trusted and they will be preserved during the cleaning.

You have fine control about which tracks for which trusted site will be protected during cleanup. For example you can protect yahoo.com from deleting of its temporary Internet files in order to speed up loading of the site but you don't have to keep the cookies that came from yahoo.com if you have a mail account or you enter any other personal information in this site.

Mil Shield support selective cleaning for Temporary Internet Files (Internet Explorer), cookies (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome), history (for IE, Firefox and Chrome) and Flash cookies (all browsers).

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Boss key combination

Boss key (also known as panic key, or emergency key) allows you to close all browser windows and start an invisible background cleaning with one special key combination.

In addition to all open browser windows, Mil Shield will close some other "embarrassing" programs when stealth key is pressed. This option is useful when you are afraid that your boss or someone else can come in and look at your display while you are doing something. In such case you can hit the stealth key combination and all embarrassing programs will be immediately closed. Here is the list of default applications that are closed when boss key is pressed:

  • Windows Media Player. Both standard Media Player and classic Media Player (mplayer2.exe) are closed. Additionally, the Media Player update dialog is closed if it is shown.
  • QuickTime Player and iTunes.
  • BSplayer.
  • RealPlayer.
  • Standard Windows Games. All standard Windows games that are shipped with Windows Vista (Chess Titans, FreeCell, Hearts, InkBall, Mahjong Titans, Minesweeper, Purble Place, Solitaire, Spider Solitaire) and Windows XP (FreeCell, Hearts, Internet Backgammon, Internet Checkers, Internet Hearts, Internet Reversi, Internet Spades, Minesweeper, Pinball, Solitaire, Spider Solitaire) are closed.
  • Irfan Viewer. This application is included because it is widely used to view pictures and video clips.
  • ACDSee. This application is included because it is widely used to view pictures.
  • MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger.
  • Yahoo Messenger (Yahoo Pager).
  • AIM (AOL Instant Messenger).
  • Skype.
  • ICQ. Both ICQ Lite and ICQ Pro are closed.
Free Download
Here you can download the trial version of Mil Shield for free.
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